Lovers Archetypology Mala

Lovers Archetypology Mala

Lovers Archetypology Mala


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Malas consist of 108 beads and are used in meditation and daily intention setting practices. I hand knot each of my malas and include claps on either side of the guru bead so that you can changed the crystal based on your intention. This also allows the malas to be worn as a long necklace, a layered choker or a bracelet. Each of my malas are created to best represent each of the Archetype families. 

The Lovers – The lovers are those who’s mission it is to help others. They are caring and loyal with a big heart.

This mala necklace is made with rose quartz for self love, snowflake obsidian for grounding and clear quartz for positive vibes.

The Goddess, the Healer and the Advisor

Guru beads by YOUNG HURON