A Quick Guide to Archetypology

A Quick Guide to Archetypology

Archetypes + Identity

Archetypology is a philosophy that will help you discover your own inner power. Your power already exists within you but Archetypology aligns you with your gifts, your current journey, your purpose and your community. 

Define Archetype

Archetypes are defined as a recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art and mythology that exists across cultures, throughout the world and time periods. Carl Jung describes Archetypes as being a part of the human collective unconscious, and connects us all. According to positive psychology, the more in touch you are with your sense of identity on a day to day basis, the more fulfilled you will feel. Archetypes help you to do just that. Understanding which Archetype you identify with at this period in your life can not only help you connect with your sense of identity therefore helping you to rediscover your purpose. 

Archetypes are not spirit guides or deities in which we can have a relationship with. Rather, connecting with our archetype is more about connecting with ourselves.

Sarah Midnight’s Archetypology

The goal of Archetypology is to guide you through your current life’s journey, connect with your sense of purpose in the world and use your gifts thereby using your power. According to positive psychology, staying in touch with your sense of purpose and identity is key to feeling fulfilled in life.

Your Archetype can also change throughout your life. Often times when we go through big life changing events our purpose changes. Our life path can change depending on our life stage as well which can have a significant effect on which archetype we need to be working with.

Each Archetype is associated with different characteristics and then matched with herbs, crystals and affirmations that you can use to connect with yourself and discover your power. These elements will also help you to draw things into your life that you need more of. For example, Archetypes from the Lovers family spend a lot of their time taking care of others and not enough caring for themselves therefore using rose quartz is very beneficial to these people as rose quartz encourages self care and promotes self love.

Archetype Families

Each of my Archetypes is divided into one of four different Archetype families. Each family is marked by the Archetypes sense of purpose.

The Lovers – The lovers are those who’s mission it is to help others. They are caring and loyal with a big heart. 

The Creatrix – Characterized by their innate drive to create and innovate in the world. This Archetype family’s purpose in life is creativity and the act of creating new things.

The Seeker – The seekers are marked by their innate curiosity for the world. They love to explore and share their experiences of the world. Seekers are meant to inspire. 

The Guardian – Guardians are natural advocates. They speak up where other people are unable to. Guardians magic is in their words and their communication.