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Through Archetypology I bring together the practical and the magical to help the WooCurious discover their power. I aim to guide people to feel comfortable in their own skin while also feeling loved and accepted for their gifts, rather than in spite of them. I want to bring together the different parts of who you are, help you learn to use them to your advantage and find fulfillment on your current path to help you live a life that is truly yours.


  • Sustainably Sourced + Handmade: I believe that the best things in life are handmade with love and care. Everything I create is handmade with sustainably sourced components. I want you to be able to feel the love that goes into the craft.
  • Queer Coven Inclusive: Myself and my team cultivate a queer safe space to express yourself no matter your identity. Archetypology is a femme leaning concept however can be used by anyone of any orientation.
  • Science Loving Witch: Science and Magick can coexist and do coexist. Midnight Raven Studios is a space where we value real science. Afterall, Archetyology has a solid grounding in the principles of positive psychology.
  • Community Over Competition: I do not believe in tearing other folks down. I do not believe in keeping secrets. Midnight Raven Studios values community over competition and is always welcoming to new folks.


My purpose is to guide the WooCurious at heart to discover their power, own their identity and live their Magick through Archetyology.


I created Archetypology through my passion for positive psychology and a background in fine arts with just a little dash of Magick thrown in there.

You Archetype is more than just a personality type. It represents you Purpose, you Gifts and Your Values. Archetypes are designed to help you understand these things in order to better understand your emotional needs and then manifest based on these emotional needs. Your Archetype can also explain how you might be feeling the different energies in our changing world, particularly the cycle of the moon.

Archetypology combines my background in psychology and fine arts with my background in Magick and crystals in order to create a completely unique system that works with you to manifest your Magick.

Our Head Crystal Geek

Our Head Geek

From a very young age I have been fascinated with crystals and stones. I remember growing up going on long walks with my dad and collecting stones as we went along. I would come back home and give a purpose to each of my new rock friends. Little did I know that this would later spark my interest in crystal healing eventually leading me to get my crystal healing certification. 

As I got older I began to really struggle with loneliness, anxiety and the nagging feeling of “I’m not good enough.” I was always an outsider and really struggled to find a sense of community anywhere. In an effort to combat these feelings I turned to beloved crystals however without proper coping mechanisms or a sense of purpose in the world crystals could only help so much. 

And then it all happened at once. 

Within a very short time a series of events unfolded in my life that left me feeling more unbalanced and alone than ever. My aunt and uncle had a dramatic separation, my grandmother passed away, my parents separated, my uncle was diagnosed with cancer and then very suddenly one of my close friends passed away.

It still feels like a blur to look back on. 

After my friend’s death I felt an incredible guilt. She was one of the few people I could share my love of magic and crystals with and she felt so alone in the world. I felt as if I hadn’t been there for her enough. I felt like maybe if someone had just taken a little more time to notice her and talk to her and see that something was wrong she would still be here. 

I never want anyone to feel as alone as she did, or as alone as I did for that matter. I created Archetypology to help others discover their purpose. It’s a methodology designed to help take you on the first few steps of that journey.

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Gifted – Waterloo, Ontario

Bishop Botanicals – Collingwood, Ontario

Pilates Just Plane Works – Kitchener, Ontario

Harmony Wellness Collective – Kitchener, Ontario

My Moon Collective – Orillia, Ontario

Out Stonehenge – Fredrick, MD


Find me in person when it is safe to do so!