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The Lovers – The lovers are those who’s mission it is to help others. They are caring and loyal with a big heart.


Wise, strong and caring. Advisors typically feel their power comes from helping and teaching others. They are also very intellectual choosing to solve problems from a place of logic rather than a place of pure emotion. Typically drawn to one cause or another, the advisor is always willing to lend a hand wherever possible. They are also seen by those around them as charismatic, friendly and likeable with a strong sense of loyalty.

Current Journey

How can I use my wisdom to improve my own life independently and still use my magick to help others without co-dependence?


I use my natural wisdom to improve the lives of others and help them solve their problems with ease. I instinctively know what to do to help and solve problems from a logical intellectual standpoint.


  • Amethyst – Wisdom, healing, soothing
  • Lapis Lazuli – Intellect, Wisdom
  • White Howlite/Blue Howlite – Communication


  • Almond – Prosperity, Wisdom
  • Chamomile – Calming, Wisdom, Sun Energy
  • Rosemary – Friendship, Caring, Warmth
  • Mint – Healing, Luck
  • Rose – Self Love
  • Sandalwood – Balance


  • Charismatic
  • Caring
  • Logical
  • Loyal
  • Teacher
  • Warm
  • Wisdom
  • Intellectual

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