Archetype Family

The Creatrix – Characterized by their innate drive to create and innovate in the world. This Archetype families purpose in life is creativity and the act of creating new things.


Free spirits with strong emotional attachments and a strong sense of heart. Alchemists are driven by their feelings and emotions. They are also often very intuitive. Often alchemists have a strong connection to spirituality or pursue philosophy. They have a talent at transforming situations through creative innovative solutions. Like the legend of the Alchemist, they are people who are always seemingly creating something from nothing.

Current Journey

How can I balance my spiritual, emotional and physical needs so that I can create from a place of authenticity?


I naturally create an energy that challenges and encourages transformation in others. I am an Inspiration for others and the container of creation.


  • Opalite – Spirituality, Connection, Intuition, Wisdom
  • Amethyst – Creativity, Healing
  • Black Obsidian – Decreasing negative thoughts
  • Moonstone – Spirituality, Intuition


  • Cedar – Magic, Protection, Transformation
  • Sage – Magic, Purification
  • Mugwort – Intuition, Psychic Connection
  • Lavender – Calming, Intuition, Dreams


  • Transformation
  • Magick
  • Creation
  • Darkness
  • Emotion
  • Philosphy
  • Imagination

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