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Guardians are natural advocates. They speak up where other people are unable to. Guardians magic is in their words and their communication.


Tough, Strong and Elegant. The Queen is strong and outspoken and those around her might describe her as fearless. She has a talent for bringing people together and leading a strong team to success. They are natural influences and people often find her very inspiring. The Queen also has a strong sense of authority however she is not afraid to stand up for what is right, particularly when others sometimes can’t.

Current Journey

How can I tell the difference between my authentic power and what the world tells me is power.


I lead others to success through inspiring hard work and discipline. I inspire others to create their own lives and live by their own path. I create change through this inspiration.


  • Amethyst – Wisdom, clarity of thought
  • Lapis Lazui – Success, Intellect Wisdom
  • Rose Quartz – Community, friendship
  • Blue Howlite – Communication, confidence


  • Rosemary – Magic, Protection
  • Lavender – Calming
  • Basil – Protection, Strength
  • Mint – Virtue, Wisdom
  • Sage – Cleansing, Wisdom


  • Power
  • Strong
  • Productivity
  • Logic
  • Generous

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