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The Guardian – Guardians are natural advocates. They speak up where other people are unable to. Guardians magic is in their words and their communication.


Bold, imaginative, and curious. The rebel is a free thinker with a nack to change the way things are. They typically have a strong sense and value for justice. The rebel tends to take a lot of joy in being the underdog and pursuing the unconventional.

Current Journey

How can I express rebellion without simply reacting rebelliously?


I have the innate ability to break down the barriers that restrict the human spirit.


  • Snowflake Obsidian – Creativity, unconventionality, change
  • Black Obsidian – Clarity of thought, Intuition, grounding
  • Carnelian – Confidence, Conviction
  • Red Jasper – Strength, passion


  • Palo Santo – Protection, Magic, Change
  • Basil – Wishes
  • Mint – Balance, Warmth, Virtue
  • Sage – Cleansing


  • Curiosity
  • Challenge
  • Justice
  • Boldness
  • Dynamic
  • Different

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