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The Seeker – The seekers are marked by their innate curiosity for the world. They love to explore and share their experiences of the world. Seekers are meant to inspire.


Energetic and very perceptive. The Wanderer tends to have a very earthly curiosity about the world and they love to explore. They thrive when trying new things and they are far from fear of change. From an outsider’s perspective, the wanderer can seem very chaotic but that’s only because they’re spending time enjoying what life has to offer.

Current Journey

How do I explore what the world has to offer both emotionally and physically and communicate what I find in a tangible way?


I easily inspire others to seek adventure and take the road less traveled. I have a natural curiosity about the world that leads me to remarkable discoveries.


  • Fluorite – Charisma, balancing
  • Clear Quartz – Energy, good vibes
  • Green Aventurine – Earthy, Opportunity, Soothing
  • Carnelian – Courage, Passion


  • Lemongrass – Healing
  • Dragons Blood – Magic, Protection
  • Calendula – Divine Wisdom


  • Curiosity
  • Adventure
  • Freedom
  • Explore
  • Discovery
  • Inspiring
  • Independence

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