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The Guardian – Guardians are natural advocates. They speak up where other people are unable to. Guardians magic is in their words and their communication.


The Warrior is very physical in nature. They are natural born leaders and have a great deal of passion inside them. They find it easy and natural to communicate with others and typically give a very good first impression as they are extremely charismatic. They could also come off a little bit bold and blunt.

Current Journey

How can I explore my strengths while also understanding where my limitations are?


I am strong and protective. I have the magic to make others feel safe and secure and my priority is always to my loved ones. I have a big heart and I am Meant to use it for good.


  • Lava Rock – Strength, Determination
  • Red Jasper – Confidence, endurance, passion
  • Tigers Eye – Good Fortune, Stability
  • Black Obsidian – Grounding


  • Basil – Protection
  • Cinnamon – Warmth, Magic
  • Cloves – Security, Stability, Warmth
  • Basil – Wishes
  • Mint – Balance, Health, Vitality
  • Sage – Cleansing, Protection


  • Bold
  • Endurance
  • Altruism
  • Protective
  • Hard Worker
  • Athletic

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