Discover your sense of power through your psychological archetype, magic and ritual. Your Archetype is effects your emotional needs and how you manifest, your emotional body through the changing seasons as well as your sense of purpose and power within yourself.

Archetypes Explained



Wise, strong and caring. Advisors typically feel that their power comes from helping others in their own life. Typically draw to one cause or another, the advisor is always willing to lend a hand wherever possible. They are also seen by those around them as charismatic, friendly and likeable with a strong sense of loyalty. It’s a good thing the Advisor is one of the most common archetypes.


Free spirits with strong emotional attachments and a strong sense of heart. Alchemists are driven by their feelings and emotions making them very intuitive. This often causes alchemists to have a strong connection to spirituality or pursue philosophy. They are very good at transforming situations and often love working with their hands and might even have a particular creative pursuit.


The artist is driven to express and communicate new connects. These people seem to have a creative touch in the strangest areas of life. Not all of them physically create art but the energy they put out into the world is art in and of itself. They can be very unpredictable and spontaneous, they might appear self centered sometimes, but it’s just because they tend to look inwards so frequently in order to express themselves and create their magic.


Creative, imaginative and free. The Dreamer is free-spirited, loves to daydreams and is constantly coming up with new and fun ideas. The Dreamer is driven by passion and enjoyment of life. However, they don’t typically like being tied down to one thing and prefer to bounce around from one thing to another until they find exactly what they are looking for. Dreamers don’t like to settle for less than what they want.


Goddesses are best at expressing themselves in the little everyday things that they do. They are driven by aesthetic and beauty. The philosophy of the Goddess is in order to bring peace to the mind you must bring peace to its surroundings. They are absolutely stunning inside and out. Goddesses tend to get the power from the heart and as such they have a very strong altruistic side. They love being around people and feeling a part of something bigger, as such, Goddesses are always the life of the party.


Healers are driven to help others and are extremely altruistic. They are often very warm and love to bring joy to those around them They can almost always put those around them in a good mood. Healers are extremely emotional, as they wear their heart on their sleeves. When they are bright and happy everyone knows it. When they are upset, however, it consumes them, their decisions and everyone around them. Healers are very emotional but also very warm, compassionate and caring. They live to heal.


The true idealist. The naturalist has big ideas of what the world should be. They are typically very down to earth and have a very deep connection with nature. They are very in tune with themselves but this can often lead them to be very disconnected with the world around them which causes them to dislike confrontation.


Tough, Strong and Elegant. The Queen often represent traditionalism. She has a talent for bring people together and leading a strong team to success. They are natural influencers and people often find her very inspiring. The Queen also has a strong sense of law and authority however she i not afraid to stand up for what is right, particularly when others sometimes can’t.


Bold, imaginative, and curious. The rebel is a free thinker with a nack to change the way things are. They typically have a strong sense and value for justice. The rebel tends to take a lot of joy in being the underdog and pursuing the unconventional.


Visionaries are academics who love to solve problems. They are strong and well spoken and even if they do not receive a formal education, they often still try to learn as much as they possibly can about the world. The visionary loves to create new ideas that will change the world and help to solve the world’s problems. They love puzzles by nature. They also love structure and organized however when their thoughts get the best of them, the visionary can lose sight of the structure that the previously maintained.


Energetic and very perceptive. The Wanderer tends to have a very earthly curiosity about the world and they love to explore. They thrive when trying new things and they are far from fear of change. From an outsider’s perspective, the wanderer can seem very chaotic and forgetful but that’s only because they’re spending too much time enjoying what it is life has to offer.


The Warrior is very physical in nature. They are natural born leaders and have a great deal of passion inside them. They aspire to inspire. They find it easy and natural to communicate with others and typically give a very good first impression as they are extremely charismatic. They could also come off a little bit too bold and blunt though if they aren’t careful.