Big Transformation Energy

Big Transformation Energy

Archetypes + Identity

Hey WooCurious Clan,

Anyone else feeling the HEAT from the recent New Moon on Friday? You know I am. This is the beginning of the June Moon or the Strawberry Moon.

This moon is a little complicated. Traditionally the Strawberry Moon was a season for Marriage and new partnerships however with Venus in Retrograde and the current state of the world I doubt we will be seeing many new partnerships or marriages this June.

So instead lets look at your relationship with yourself.

We all know the world is going through one hell of a transformation and I think we have all been picking up on that huge transformation energy. Lets break this down by Archetype Family so you can harness this big transformation energy in the best way possible.

Lovers (Advisor, Healer and Goddess)

Beautiful, I am sure you are feeling some big anxiety going along with these huge shifts right now but I want you to know that it’s going to be okay. Transformation is uncomfortable and maybe even painful but once you get through this you are going to be even better for it. Lovers can be naturally resistant to change. You like comfort. This week might be a good week to sit down with a pen and paper and make two lists. One for everything you are looking forward to releasing in your life (any feelings that no longer serve you, etc) and a list of things that you want more of in your life. Get excited about this process!

Creatrix (Alchemist, Artist and Visionary)

Babe, it’s okay to take time to breath. Artists love to constantly be creating and making and harnessing their gifts. This is a good thing and while I know you are mourning your old life in some way you are also feeling the excitement of this change and probably are trying to start a million and one projects but never finishing any of them. Girl you deserve a little break. Even just a few hours. Then come back to those projects and I am sure you will find the energy you need to complete some projects.

Guardian (Queen, Warrior and Rebel)

In some ways you are thriving. In some ways you are mourning. A lot of the time it just depends on the moment. In a lot of ways you were kind of waiting for this change in the world. It’s just maybe not what you were expecting. You find yourself switching between super productive and not even wanting to get out of bed and you might feel constantly burned out. I urge you to take one hour for yourself everyday to just slow down and sit with your thoughts. Maybe you this takes the form of journaling or meditation. Maybe it’s just sitting and listening to music. You need to find time for a little bit of slow in your life. You got this.

Seeker (Wanderer, Dreamer, and Naturalist)

I’m sure you’re still having a little trouble understanding what you are feeling on a day by day basis. In some ways you have found more freedom than ever but in other ways you have found more frustration than ever. Beautiful, it’s time to face your feelings. You are probably not giving yourself enough mental space to process all of them. A good exercise to combat this is taking out your journal and writing down each feeling, how it feels in your body and where you feel it. Once you come across a feeling that isn’t serving you, focus on it and let it wash through your body. You gotta feel it to heal it babe.