Candle Colours + Candle Magick

Candle Colours + Candle Magick

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I don’t know about you but I have been seeing Candle Magick EVERYWHERE online. Particularly on TikTok. This is probably due to the simplicity of this kind of spell that is also beautiful to watch burn.

Candle Magick has been a huge staple of my person spiritual practice for years. The only reason I decided to include my little spell candles in my shop is simply just because I was already making them for myself. Candle Magick is a really simple method of intention setting that anyone WooCurious can do it. However choosing a candle color without knowing the magick properties of each colour can pose a bit of an issue. To save you some time, I have create a little simple candle spell as well as a comprehensive list of the different colour meanings.

Simple Candle Spell

  1. Choose you candle and an intention, I create these custom in my shop HERE or you can also use a simple chime or taper candle. Colour properties are listed below.
  2. Hold the candle while meditating on what your life will look like when you achieve this intention.
  3. Light the candle and watch it burn as it releases your intention to the universe


White Candle

White candles are typically used for general Magick making. They amplify energy, good vibes and purifying. They’re an awesome choice for blessing a space or doing a house warming spell!

Green Candle

Green candles are often used for self love, abundance and good luck. These candles are the best choice if you’re looking to attract money into your life or you need some extra good luck!

Yellow Candle

Yellow is the colour of happiness! Bring joy, creativity and a zest for life into your world in choosing this candle.

Blue Candle

Blue candles are best for communication, visions, seeking wisdom or sparking inspiration. Often a very intellectual colour.

Purple Candle

Purple is the colour of spirituality, intuition and psychic abilities. If you’re looking to do some divination work, this is the perfect colour for you.

Pink Candle

Pink! Romance! Self Care! Connection! If you’re looking to connect with matters of the heart, pink is the perfect colour.

Orange Candle

Orange is one of my personal favorite colours to work with. The ultimate colour of creativity an passion this is the perfect colour for when you’re in the process of creating something.

Red Candle

Red is an awesome powerful colour for strength, courage, confidence, protection and grounding. Or if you are looking to attract a new love or re-spark your passion!

Black Candle

Black is the ultimate shadow work candles. They’re perfect for realizing what’s blocking you and getting into the deep deep self work.

Want to get started with candle magick? I make spell candles dressed with essential oils and rolled with herbs specifically for your intention HERE!