Creating the Studio

Creating the Studio

Sarah Midnight

I was only 15 years old when I had the idea for Midnight Raven Studios only back then it was just The Midnight Raven. The premise was simple, I needed money to do 15 year old things and I liked crystals. So I would sell crystals online because why not?

I set up my my website and listed some crystals. I waited. Nothing happened. I tried Etsy, same results but I spent a Butt Load of money (or at least what felt like a Butt load of money for a 15 year old) listing products. So as any 15 year old would I got bored and did something else.

Though that something else was making jewelry with the very same crystals I had just tried to sell. I took a few classes with a local artist to learn the basics of wire wrapping and I loved it. I started making more pieces and teaching myself how to make more jewelry. I posted these creation to Facebook and HA magic they actually sold this time.

For a while I invested myself in making new things and selling in new ways. I was young so I had a lot of time to invest in experimenting.

One of Baby Sarah’s first bracelet designs. These beauties actually turned into what is now the Spell Bracelet Collection only they look hella different.

Then one day I was working on tear down from my high schools musical and had the idea, “What if I made all my work based on Psychological Archetypes?”

At this point I was starting to loose interest in my own company that had barely even begun. I had gotten a job working at Hot Topic (I mean come on I still look like I could work at Hot Topic). While I was doing well at my business, it was not enough to save for my education. And it just wasn’t as fun anymore. I was making the same things over and over again and I just was not enjoying the process as much as I used to.

But Archetypes…

This felt like the revelation I needed to dive back into my business again. I started researching. I created test quizzes and polls to see if it was something people would be interested in. I tested which Archetypes the women of today would relate to. And I did this all through the end of high school and well into my University Career.

I had found my spark.

More to come! If I made this all into one blog post it would be one heck of a long blog post!